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Hello 3AM, It’s Been A While

It’s 3AM.

I’m tired.

I just finished editing a wedding video for my latest client and while I love it, I’m tired. I’m about to finish the illustrations for a 5k finisher medal that I’ve been working on. But I’m writing this because I want to remember this moment of being tired. Not sleeping and eating Jack in the Box is not what I want to be doing, but I know it’s the road to glory.

Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t” ― Jerry Rice

I know that I can be successful, though it’s hard. Like really hard. I am trying to juggle so many things at once and sometimes plates fall but I do what I can to get them up and spinning again.

I just have to hit my tipping point. Just have to keep working towards it. You can do this.

You. Can. Do. This.

Okay, I’ve procrastinated enough, I need to get this medal finished.

Go you.

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English, German & Spanish


I heard this joke once:

“bilingual” is someone who speaks two languages, “trilingual” is someone who speaks three languages.  What do you call someone who can only speak one language?  An American.

To this day it absolutely drives me insane. Probably because it’s pretty true. I didn’t want to be a part of that joke, so I downloaded Duolingo a while ago and started to learn Spanish. I’ve learned that it’s hard to learn a second language when there is no one to practice with. Though, I powered on.

I thought it would be interesting to learn two languages at one time. I started Portuguese but realized it’s really close to Spanish. I moved on to French, but I just wasn’t interested at all. What’s next? German.

German always intimidated me. It’s such a different language, but I thought what the heck. I will give it a go.


There is something about the sharpness of the pronunciation of the words along with the excitement you can have saying some of the phrases. For example, Halo! Guten Morgen! means, Hello! Good Morning!

I can’t help but envision the shopkeeper from Frozen, Oaken as I’m practicing the language. It makes me happy.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 2.01.20 AM.png

I try to practice once a day with a few lessons that only take about 15-20 minutes. Eventually, I would like to do more, though something that has helped with practicing the language is set up an Instagram and only follow German Instagrammers. That way I have to read the posts in German and then comment back in German. I wish there was a way like that to practice vocally, but I will figure something out.

Do you speak more than one language? What languages do you speak?

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CINCO: Jim Gaffigan Admits He Doesn’t Drive A Car.

I’m watching Jim Gaffigan’s new Netflix Comedy Special Cinco and I’m chuckling. Ha, ha, fat dad, yatta, yatta, then all of a sudden he says something that loses me to the point I can’t watch his comedy special anymore.

… I don’t even own a car because I’m a good person. No, I live in New York City and I have five kids. I just have them carry me around. I know nothing about cars

… most of the accessories are wasted on me. I’ve never used cruise control. The heated seats, I always feel like I’ve just wet myself.

… When I go home to Indiana, I always rent a car. My brother Mitch is always like, “What kinda car ya renting?” I’m like uhh it’s blue. [Mitch] Is that 4 or 6 cylinders? [Jim] Blue.

I do know the most manly form of transportation is a pick up truck.

UMMMM, hold the phone. Aren’t you the spokesperson for the Chrysler Pacifica?!

You are all over television pitching this minivan for dads!

WTF are you doing?!

I work in advertising and used to work on Hyundai. Auto is hard and I know how much celebrities get paid for endorsements. I don’t even work on the Chrysler business or know anyone who does but I was mad when I heard that.

Jim Gaffigan just basically said, I got paid a fuck ton of money to promote a minivan, yet I don’t drive a car and men, you’re pussies if you don’t drive a truck.

Holy BALLS! In less than :30 seconds you’ve broken any psychological brand loyalty or interest anyone has formed from watching your commercials after they see your comedy special.

The FTC has specific guidelines around celebrity endorsements.

§ 255.1 General considerations.

(b) The endorsement message need not be phrased in the exact words of the endorser, unless the advertisement affirmatively so represents. However, the endorsement may not be presented out of context or reworded so as to distort in any way the endorser’s opinion or experience with the product. An advertiser may use an endorsement of an expert or celebrity only so long as it has good reason to believe that the endorser continues to subscribe to the views presented. An advertiser may satisfy this obligation by securing the endorser’s views at reasonable intervals where reasonableness will be determined by such factors as new information on the performance or effectiveness of the product, a material alteration in the product, changes in the performance of competitors’ products, and the advertiser’s contract commitments.

(c) When the advertisement represents that the endorser uses the endorsed product, the endorser must have been a bona fide user of it at the time the endorsement was given. Additionally, the advertiser may continue to run the advertisement only so long as it has good reason to believe that the endorser remains a bona fide user of the product.
[See § 255.1(b) regarding the “good reason to believe” requirement.]

“Additionally, the advertiser may continue to run the advertisement only so long as it has good reason to believe that the endorser remains a bona fide user of the product.”

He’s not only not currently a user, he openly admits he doesn’t own a car or use any of the amenities.

Open toilet bowl, toss lots of money in, flush toilet.


Top 10 Fourth of July Pets Safety Tips

Fourth of July is the busiest time for animal shelters, and not in a good way. Factually 7.6 million pets are lost each year with only 26% of them being returned to their owners. 35% of these lost dogs are euthanized in shelters. These are sad facts. My world would pretty much end if Leroy got lost.

So what can you do to keep your furbaby safe and comfortable during our Nation’s birthday?

  1. Exercise your dog throughout the day so they will be worn out by the time the fireworks start. Also, just spend some time focusing solely on your dog.
  2. Keep your pet at home where they feel comfortable and safe. If you use a crate, remember to put a blanket over the crate. If you know where their favorite retreat spot is, throw their favorite blanket and some toys there so they feel safe.
  3. Keep an eye on what your dog is ingesting. If guests slip your dog onions, chocolate, coffee, avocado, grapes or raisins it will not end well. Certain foods are toxic to your dog and can be fatal. Meat bones from steak, chicken, fish or ribs can block or cut up your dog’s insides. Also alcohol, while it might appear to be cute to share a brewsky with your buddy it can also be extremely toxic causing seizures or respiratory failure.
  4. Leave on the television and/or a fan to help soften the noise from the fireworks. There are a lot of channels available now specifically for dogs, including Dog TV.
  5. Teach your dog to swim. You wouldn’t throw a human baby in the water and expect them to swim so you can’t expect your pup to automatically know either. Spend time with them teaching them how to swim, where the steps are and think about getting a pet ladder to add to the ease of exiting the pool.
  6. Get your dog microchipped. While collars and ID tags can fall off, microchips are small implanted chips with all of your information. If you move, remember to update your information!
  7. Purchase pet sunscreen, do not use human sunscreen on dogs. There are a couple options including COOLA or Epi-Pet.
  8. Keep outdoor products out of reach. This includes lighter fluid, matches, citronella candles, insect coils, and glow jewelry. All of these things can cause skin irritation, bowel blockage and other things that are not fun for you or your pet.
  9. Keep a list of emergency numbers at the ready. A lot of Vet’s have magnets you can keep on the fridge, though if they aren’t a 24 hour emergency hospital find your closest one and add their numbers to your list.
  10. Come Home. Fourth of July is a fun and exciting holiday though a stressful one to your pet so make it a point to come home after the shenanigans have concluded.
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Junk in the Trunk

I once met a junker on a plane ride to Seattle, WA. I talked to her the entire trip and didn’t think much of it, though junking is becoming mainstream.

Take Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market for example. They have expanded to three days of sales and have opened a new location in San Diego. It’s insane. They fill West World with vendors that spend their days looking for the old and handmade.

We went and there were so many things I fell in love with.

Pictures coming soon!

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Happy New Year!

I can’t believe it’s already 2016. Though at the same time I’m extremely excited. I remember New Year’s last year and knowing deep in my soul that 2015 was going to be a hard year for me and it was.

The first half of 2015 I spent in a job I hated. The second half of the year I spent poor as fuck as I tried to build a company.

Even though I hated 2015, I am incredibly grateful for it. I have always wanted to start my own agency and the shitty job I had drove me to my dreams. Granted there was a lot of bullshit that came from trying to get started. I will spare you the details, let’s just say there was too much drama from someone that is no longer in our lives.

The literal blood, sweat and tears of 2015 have set 2016 up for sweet success. We already have two amazing clients and are working on hiring our first few staff members! It’s a good time for us.

As far as resolutions go for the new year, I only have one and it is to focus. I want to focus on myself, work and living. I’ve been so obsessed with climbing the corporate ladder over the years, my 20s are kind of a blur. This is not to say I don’t want to work because that is not the case. I love the business we are building. I love the culture we are beginning to develop and I wouldn’t trade that for the world.

This culture is allowing the work to get done while still having time for family and other things like working out or traveling. So, I want to focus on taking that time to spend time with family and work out.

We can do this. Happy New Year!


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Krispy Kreme #DayoftheDozens

Today, Krispy Kreme offered a BOGO deal for people to buy one dozen of glazed donuts and get one dozen glazed donuts free. You just had to bring this coupon below in to the store.

After screenshotting the video, I jumped in the car and headed to the Krispy Kreme a few miles away.

When I got there, there was a line of people who I’m guessing just figured out they had a few hours left to cash in their coupons. Though what I saw saddened me. The location I was at ran out of glazed donuts and people were not happy. Some people were yelling, some walked out and the line got shorter and shorter. By the time I got up to order, I knew I was in for something fun.

I told the manager that I had the coupon, and I began to see worry cross his face. He told me they didn’t have any glazed donuts left and started to tell me what they did have left. He went through all the filled donuts (no wonder, who eats filled donuts anyway, gross) and I simply asked if I bought a box of a certain donut, would they give me a second box of those same donuts for free? The manager stood there for a minute and finally told me he would and could do that.

The people around me started to perk up. There was a solution, just because they were out of glazed donuts didn’t mean they couldn’t honor the coupon with other donuts.

There is something about me that wonders why the manager didn’t think about it when dealing with the other consumers. I feel like we see people on both sides, consumer and company, that don’t think about being flexible. Why wouldn’t something else work? What could happen that would benefit both sides?

People are looking for free donuts, the company is looking to sell donuts. Does it really matter what kind of donuts are being given away as long as they are equal or lesser value?

The world is not black and white and there is almost always a solution to a problem. After spending the last five months as an entrepreneur, those are just a couple of the lessons I’ve learned and they couldn’t have been any clearer tonight.

I was reminded about the offer when I was watching the Season Finale of the Amazing Race. I caught the end of the taping with the local news anchor talking about the offer being today.

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Road trip for Pie!

Today is National Pie Day and Jess and I are Road Tripping North! I’m super excited as she’s never been to the Rock Springs Cafe for the best pie in town!

We headed up at about 10:30 am and you have to be on the lookout because there is one sign for the exit and if you miss that sign, you’re more than likely going to miss the exit. Once you exit, it’s a bit tricky, you have to take a left and another left like you are going to get back on the freeway then it’s a blind turn into the parking lot.

They have the front decked out with all their Christmas decorations and a giant inflatable Rudolph the Reindeer.Inside, the pie shop has changed, they’ve moved the display cases around and we’re not sure if it’s completely finished as of yet. None the less the pie was still there. We ordered a slice of apple and chocolate creme.


The chalkboard sign I made for our APS TV Spot is still hanging in the Pie Shop. It’s a lot weathered and it looks like someone tried to clean it, then realized they would ruin it if they tried to wipe it. It makes me feel good though that after three years they still have it up in the shop. It just means something I did means a lot to them.


The shop wasn’t that busy and they didn’t seem to have all the trinkety things they had when we were there shooting the commercial. This is actually a good thing since we are in startup mode.

After coming back down, we headed into our office to get shit done for the day. We have so many projects going right now, but it’s not stressful. It’s a lot of fun. Probably because this is something that is finally ours. No crazy bosses telling us what we have to do all day. Jess and I manage our time, schedule  and productivity levels ourselves. Without all the drama, we actually get more done in less time while still being able to do fun things like going to get pie.



International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

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Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Probably the longest National Day name ever, though it’s definitely a serious topic that should have the media’s attention.

Here are some statistics that you should know.


Infographic from Please visit their site for more information.


As I’ve grown and worked on The Tomboy Project, I have become a huge advocate for women and people in general. It’s not okay to treat people poorly, it’s not okay to harm people and it’s not okay to make people feel inferior because you are an insecure person.

I wish I understood all of that when I was bullied when I was younger. I wouldn’t have wasted so much time wondering if they were right or what else was wrong with me, yatta yatta.

The time is now. No more shit. If you are in a situation where you are being treated less than the absolute best, it’s time to move on. There are a lot of people and organizations that have resources for you. Just know there is no one that can make that decision for you. You have to decide to move on. You have to take the action to move on and then you have to actually move on.

You can do this.



Role Models from Above

I wrote on the topic of being a hand letterer today on my Geooorge Co. blog. It’s something that means a lot to me and helps me feel connected to two men I wish were still around.

My great-grandfather, Alva, opened the Cobler Sign Co. in 1932. I can still see the sign that stood in front of the shop for so many years. He was a very skilled man, he was friends with Walt Disney and traveled to California to assist in the animation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

My grandfather took over the shop when my great-grandfather retired and was insanely good at what he did. He was good at the development of the creative and also the sales. People loved my grandfather and still talk about him to this day.

My grandfather passed away three months before I was born and sadly never got to meet him. He’s become a sort of legend in my life and there are many times I hope he’s here with me.

I have my great-grandfather’s fedora hanging on the wall in my office as inspiration to continue to move forward and make something of myself. They were incredibly entrepreneurs and as I focus on starting my own agency I tend to spend time channeling them.

Here’s to making the family proud.