Happy 60th Birthday Dad!

OH. MY. GAWD. My father is 60!! Haha I can’t believe it. Though no matter his age, he will always be my hero.

To celebrate my Pops and his sixty years on this planet here are the ten things I love the most about him.

  1. He’s a family man. 
    My dad looks out for the family first. He makes sure we have everything we need and goes out of his way to make sure we are safe and covered.
  2. He’s a dog lover.
    We have always had dogs. From itty bitty dachshunds to mid sized boxers to gentle giant mastiffs. My dad plays with them, rough houses and always makes sure they have clean purified water in their bowls.
  3.  He’s Responsible.
    I’ve never seen someone decide to do something and see it through the way my dad does. He’s got superpower willpower. Sometimes it makes me jealous.
  4. He’s Encouraging.
    When I was going back and forth trying to decide whether or not to go to grad school. My dad told me I was going. People can take everything from you, but they can’t take your education. That next year, I moved to Austin.
  5. He’s a teacher.
    One Christmas, he took me to Toys R Us and said, “You can have any one thing in this store you want.” Remember, in the 90’s things were somewhat reasonably priced. He walked through the entire store with me, every single aisle, up and down maybe six or seven times until I finally made a decision and was good with it. This taught me to really think about what I wanted and then have the courage to stand by my decision.
  6. He’s creative.
    My dad helped me build a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car out of a cereal box in elementary school. It had wings and workable wheels.
  7. He’s a funny guy.
    My dad and I have the same sense of humor, sometimes at the expense of my mother. He has taught me that laughter is so important and to not take things so seriously.
  8. He’s into health and fitness.
    My dad quit smoking and drinking cold turkey when I was younger. My parents were the reason I never felt the need to do either of those things. He also started working out daily. He lost a lot of weight and constantly encourages leading a healthy lifestyle.
  9. He’s a romantic.
    My mama is a lucky lady. My dad isn’t really the romantic type, but he does little things for my mama that makes her feel special and loved. I love seeing them still so happy and in love after so many years.
  10. He’s a good man.
    Let’s be honest, my dad is just a fucking awesome guy. No one can ever fill his shoes, nor would I want them too.

That’s definitely not all the great things about my dad but definitely a great list. I know his day is going to be filled with love and laughter. Here’s to another 60!

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Red Pantyhose

My family was in town this week and every time they come to town I seem to learn something I did when I was younger. Apparently, I was as feisty then as I am now.

The year was 1988. I was four. My parents had gone to bed early and I was up with the rest of my family who was in town visiting.

When it was finally time for me to go to bed, I found clothes my mom had laid out for me. It was a purple dress. I have never liked purple, so I proceeded to march into my parent’s bedroom and wake them up because I wanted to wear my red dress.

My mom has just been woken up from a dead sleep mind you and we are arguing back and forth. I guess I had worn the red dress a few days before and it was in the hamper. After what my aunt recalls as two to three minutes of going back and forth my mom gives in and says she doesn’t care just get the dress and go to bed.

I am now pleased with myself. I shut the door and make it half-way down the hallway before turning back around and opening the door again. I proceed to tell my parents that I also need to wear my red pantyhose too, shut the door again and am on my way.

This might not be funny to anyone else though my family still thinks this story is hilarious 27 years later.

Bless my mother for not getting out of bed and beating my ass.

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National Best Friend’s Day

I posted on Facebook the other day about my best friends being scattered across the country and how much I miss them. It’s a hazard of today’s society. Technology helps, though I miss the movie nights and the trouble we all used to get into.

Today, I want to share some songs about friendship. Each song has a special place in my heart for the friends who have been with me from the beginning to those I’ve picked up along the way. My life is so much better with you in it. I love you all and can’t wait to see you again.

  1. Spice Girls – Wanna Be
  2. TLC – What About Your Friends
  3. Carol King – You’ve Got a Friend
  4. New Found Glory – My Friends Over You
  5. Randy Newman – You’ve Got a Friend in Me


Cool Shit

Suffragette Movie – 2015

The first trailer for the movie Suffragette came out today and I am so incredibly excited for this movie. While the movie is focused around the suffrage movement in Britain, it’s been almost 100 years since women in America have been able to vote. It’s something you don’t think about because voting is just something you have the right to do. (Even though most people don’t actually go and do it.)

Though as we enter the election season to elect the next president of the United States, there is a very good chance we as Americans will be electing the first ever female president. That is something I’m sure the suffragettes imagined but never knew possible.

I’m extremely excited for the movie as well as the events of the upcoming election.

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Noble Eatery

Today I’m shooting with Brad Reed in downtown Phoenix. Super excited as this is the first time I’m getting to shoot with him. We are rocking out some awesome product shots for US Vision.

When we broke for lunch I remembered that Jason’s new restaurant shop was open just down the road. Everyone was down so we headed over.

Even though I got to see the shop while it was being transformed, this was the first time I had eaten there. Couple of things. Everything is sourced as local as it comes and the menu changes daily. I ordered the Little Miss BBQ, it had turkey, cheese, cabbage and apples on it. So delicious. I devoured the entire sandwich. The strawberries on the salad were probably the best strawberries I’ve had in months.

Noble Eatery

Also the bread is available for sale on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Noble Eatery Kiln


St. Mary’s Food Bank

This weekend I got to give back a little bit. My mama asked me to go with her company to volunteer at St. Mary’s Food Bank. It was incredibly early, though completely worth it.

We got there with a couple other company groups and got sorted out through the warehouse along assembly lines. I started at the front and was in charge of pulling boxes off palettes and separating them for the next group to put paper sacks in. I got incredibly filthy, such a different experience than sitting in an office.

After just an hour and a half, we had loaded 18 palettes with 972 meals equalling out to 14,000 pounds of food. The saying many hands make light work could not have been more true.

Thank you CLA for allowing me to help out this past weekend!


NSAC 2015: Phoenix, AZ

This past weekend I was privileged to volunteer with the National Student Association Competition. Five schools from around the AAF District 12 came to compete. They presented a pitch to Pizza Hut based on a creative brief they received last year.

The night before the presentation, R&R Partners hosted all the students at their brand new warehouse and fed them delicious Pita Jungle and drinks. Our Membership Director, Mo, Creative Director, Ana, and Treasurer, Brent, organized this event and did a fantastic job!

Saturday, I had amazing volunteers come and hang out with me during the day. We ran the stop watches, held doors and shushed people in the hallways. Probably the easiest volunteer gig ever. Though I got to meet some awesome people I want to stay in contact with and get them involved in Ad2.

Ad2 was also in charge of getting goodie bags for the judges. I didn’t know what types of snacks they would like so we just did a big variety. Then, to add to the food madness, we took them to the Arrogant Butcher for lunch! Chicken Club, Mmm Delish!


The last team to present was University of Texas at El Paso. Being a Longhorn, I really wanted to see their presentation. I was transported back to my grad school creative and strategy classes. Something I think I’ve been missing the last couple years.

After the competition, we hung out with the judges and grabbed a drink. I met a judge who was in Ad2, and is now a VP at a global agency in San Francisco. I’m so happy she was there, I felt like I learned a year’s worth of things in a few hour span.

It has really inspired motivated me again.

Thank you to everyone who helped out and to the students for working so incredibly hard over the last year. Also, congrats to BYU-Provo who won!


The industry is in good hands. See you in Salt Lake City next year!

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Flamin’ Hot Cheetos eegee’s

The last two days have been such a blast with eegee’s. We launched their April Fool’s joke March 31 and sent the social media world into a frenzy trying to figure out if this was a joke.

Our first seed was in our monthly Flavor of the Month email blast. The email had a 20% open rate within 20 minutes.


Within 11 minutes @Sir_Geeho was the first to hit twitter.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 11.43.38 PM

Though was this really an April Fool’s flavor?

eegee’s fans know where we house our information. The obvious first place they went to was our yearly flavor of the month page. (Insert evil laugh) We thought of that too. This really made people freak out. We had people threatening to scrap with us. We loved it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 11.50.34 PM



Here are a few of our favorite twitter interactions from the last two days.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 12.34.10 AM Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 12.33.36 AM


People turned to Facebook, some were praying it was the real thing and some were sure it was a prank or that we sent the email out too early. Silly Tucsonians, we don’t mess up, we’re just so excited.



We also seeded on Instagram and had an engagement of over 400 people.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 11.58.13 PM

Media Coverage

We also got media coverage on the prank. The local market loves eegee’s and some of them now are not admitting they fell for it. We see you. –

Tucson Daily Star – – “So, April Fools Day sucks—take it from John Oliver. You can’t trust the news, you can’t trust eegees, can you even really trust yourself? Try again tomorrow.”

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Farrell Takes the Field

So one day Will Ferrell decides to get up, fly to Arizona and  . . . you know . . . play in five different spring training games and cover all nine positions. Good for me, I just happen to work at Peoria Sports Complex, the last stop on Will Ferrell’s last stop on this crazy tour.

It was a crazy two days trying to get tickets as we requested them from the AE and were all set up to get them. Then our tickets were given to someone else. We then got press passes, those were taken from us. Then finally, we got a set of tickets I put in a hiding place and was going to tell people I had no clue where they went if they tried taking them from us.

We were determined to go to this game.

As we are sitting there all of a sudden people are freaking out, by the time I figure out what is going on Will Ferrell is standing right next to us. Our mouths were on the ground, out of all the aisles he could have gone down, it was ours. He waved as he continued down to the field.

By the time he got to our game, you could tell he was tired, he didn’t do any crazy antics he did at the earlier games. Though, we got the closing speech which was fantastic. I know that he was taping a special and it has to do something with a cancer charity. I can’t wait to see the end result.


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Bruce Arians Family Foundation Gala

I had the privilege of attending the Bruce Arians Family Foundation Gala on Sunday night. The dinner wrapped up the Golf Tournament and week long extravaganza. It was incredibly inspirational. I have to admit I don’t know a lot about the Foster Care System or how it works. Some of the stories brought me to tears, and really made me realize how lucky I was to have two amazing parents who had their shit together. Check out the post below to learn more about what this amazing foundation is about.

AriansFF on Facebook or Twitter.