Agency Life

Hello 3AM, It’s Been A While

It’s 3AM.

I’m tired.

I just finished editing a wedding video for my latest client and while I love it, I’m tired. I’m about to finish the illustrations for a 5k finisher medal that I’ve been working on. But I’m writing this because I want to remember this moment of being tired. Not sleeping and eating Jack in the Box is not what I want to be doing, but I know it’s the road to glory.

Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t” ― Jerry Rice

I know that I can be successful, though it’s hard. Like really hard. I am trying to juggle so many things at once and sometimes plates fall but I do what I can to get them up and spinning again.

I just have to hit my tipping point. Just have to keep working towards it. You can do this.

You. Can. Do. This.

Okay, I’ve procrastinated enough, I need to get this medal finished.

Go you.