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Krispy Kreme #DayoftheDozens

Today, Krispy Kreme offered a BOGO deal for people to buy one dozen of glazed donuts and get one dozen glazed donuts free. You just had to bring this coupon below in to the store.

After screenshotting the video, I jumped in the car and headed to the Krispy Kreme a few miles away.

When I got there, there was a line of people who I’m guessing just figured out they had a few hours left to cash in their coupons. Though what I saw saddened me. The location I was at ran out of glazed donuts and people were not happy. Some people were yelling, some walked out and the line got shorter and shorter. By the time I got up to order, I knew I was in for something fun.

I told the manager that I had the coupon, and I began to see worry cross his face. He told me they didn’t have any glazed donuts left and started to tell me what they did have left. He went through all the filled donuts (no wonder, who eats filled donuts anyway, gross) and I simply asked if I bought a box of a certain donut, would they give me a second box of those same donuts for free? The manager stood there for a minute and finally told me he would and could do that.

The people around me started to perk up. There was a solution, just because they were out of glazed donuts didn’t mean they couldn’t honor the coupon with other donuts.

There is something about me that wonders why the manager didn’t think about it when dealing with the other consumers. I feel like we see people on both sides, consumer and company, that don’t think about being flexible. Why wouldn’t something else work? What could happen that would benefit both sides?

People are looking for free donuts, the company is looking to sell donuts. Does it really matter what kind of donuts are being given away as long as they are equal or lesser value?

The world is not black and white and there is almost always a solution to a problem. After spending the last five months as an entrepreneur, those are just a couple of the lessons I’ve learned and they couldn’t have been any clearer tonight.

I was reminded about the offer when I was watching the Season Finale of the Amazing Race. I caught the end of the taping with the local news anchor talking about the offer being today.

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Tea for Two

Welcome to National Iced Tea Day. Yum! We just got a tea machine in our office for the summer and we are making a great use out of it. Check out some recipes below for a little tasty variation of your typical Arizona sun tea.

  1. Apple-Tea-ni
    You can make this with a little extra something something if you know what I mean or you can keep it simple and sober. Start with half a glass of unsweetened tea then add half a glass of apple juice with a splash of lemon to taste. Enjoy.
  2. Red Sea Tea
    They say the red fruits are energizing and hold anti-aging benefits. Can I prove that? No. I just love the way they taste. Start with half a glass of unsweetened tea then add pureed strawberries mixed with pomogranite-cranberry juice. Add skewered blueberries for an aesthetic touch.
  3. Tropical Tea
    If you know me you know how much I love tropical fruit and citrus. It’s really a weakness. Start with half a glass of unsweetened tea then add an extracted mixture of mango, pineapple, peach and apricot. Put your suit and glasses on and go sit by the pool with this one!
  4. Watermelon Lime Refresher Tea
    This one is for my fancy friends. Start with half a glass of unsweetened tea and add extracted watermelon. Cut a lime in half and use one half to squeeze into the drink and the other half to slice and perch on the side of the glass. Serve with an accent.
  5. Raspberry Arnold Palmer
    A nice twist to the traditional Arnold Palmer! Start with half a glass of unsweetened tea then add Raspberry Lemonade (1 Part Lemon, 2 Parts Orange, 3 Parts Raspberries). YUM!