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Road trip for Pie!

Today is National Pie Day and Jess and I are Road Tripping North! I’m super excited as she’s never been to the Rock Springs Cafe for the best pie in town!

We headed up at about 10:30 am and you have to be on the lookout because there is one sign for the exit and if you miss that sign, you’re more than likely going to miss the exit. Once you exit, it’s a bit tricky, you have to take a left and another left like you are going to get back on the freeway then it’s a blind turn into the parking lot.

They have the front decked out with all their Christmas decorations and a giant inflatable Rudolph the Reindeer.Inside, the pie shop has changed, they’ve moved the display cases around and we’re not sure if it’s completely finished as of yet. None the less the pie was still there. We ordered a slice of apple and chocolate creme.


The chalkboard sign I made for our APS TV Spot is still hanging in the Pie Shop. It’s a lot weathered and it looks like someone tried to clean it, then realized they would ruin it if they tried to wipe it. It makes me feel good though that after three years they still have it up in the shop. It just means something I did means a lot to them.


The shop wasn’t that busy and they didn’t seem to have all the trinkety things they had when we were there shooting the commercial. This is actually a good thing since we are in startup mode.

After coming back down, we headed into our office to get shit done for the day. We have so many projects going right now, but it’s not stressful. It’s a lot of fun. Probably because this is something that is finally ours. No crazy bosses telling us what we have to do all day. Jess and I manage our time, schedule  and productivity levels ourselves. Without all the drama, we actually get more done in less time while still being able to do fun things like going to get pie.


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2nd Annual Tomboy Road Trip

Many of you who read my blog know that I am in the process of writing a book. Though for those of you reading this that don’t know, I am writing a book.

The book is called The Tomboy Project and is an exploration of what tomboys are like in today’s society. I am in the second year of the book and am incredibly honored to meet some of the people I have met over the last year and a half.

I took last week off work to complete the second long road trip leg of the project. I drove around the midwest talking with women and experiencing their lives. In the morning of one day I was on a farm and that afternoon I was in the middle of Downtown Chicago. It’s quite an adventure to see what I get into.

If you are interested click on the link above and visit the Facebook page. Like the page to stay updated with all the adventures and behind the scene photos.

On the Road

My Commute

I travel about 60 miles round trip everyday to work. Depending on the time and season this can take anywhere from 40 minutes of my day to 3 hours of my day. When I’m driving I get a lot of my ideas. I also see a lot of stuff. Today I was really excited to see a Texas Fight Truck but was then saddened to see all the construction downtown. Hopefully my drive home will be awesome.