About Me

“When you have decided what you believe, what you feel must be done, have the courage to stand alone and be counted.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

My great-grandfather opened his sign shop in 1932, then passed it down to my grandfather, who was a master sign painter. Their love for typography and illustration was passed on to me and I couldn’t be more grateful.

I began working in advertising when I was 15. The company’s owner helped me develop a thick skin and a voice to defend my strategic decisions.

I was hired at Young & Rubicam with my copywriter, Krystha Barrera Dart, beating out 500 applicants for the position. We would stay late and make ridiculous videos that would inspire some really great creative for Chevron including the break dancing mechanic dogs.

After Y&R, I moved onto High Wide & Handsome where I worked with three owners venturing out on their own. I was invited to work with them and help build their dream. You learn a tremendous amount when you are part of a start-up, I took these lessons with me when I returned to Arizona.

Once in Arizona, I worked with two agencies before landing the role as Creative Director. I like to take risks and this was a risk that I was excited for. I was the youngest Creative Director this agency has ever hired and the first female.

Advertising has allowed me to be a part of many industries and learn a tremendous amount. I am grateful for the people I’ve worked with and clients who have invited me into their companies. I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else.

I am currently looking for new partnerships and business opportunities.

All opinions on this blog are my own.