Phoenix Raceway: Spring 2017

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Winning Spring Break If you think Hole 16 is crazy at the Phoenix Open, you’ve never been to Spring Break at Phoenix Raceway. You probably just think of the cars, the speed, and the fans. What you don’t know about are the signs, the facepaint, the camping, the sundae cones, the socks and everything else that


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New Flavor: Red Licorice eegee’s is a quick service restaurant in Tucson, Arizona. They have been around since 1971 and are loved by everyone who experiences their food and internationally known frozen fruit drinks. Leading this account is an enormous amount of fun. Every month the company features new limited time flavors and food items, with

One Show: Election Year

One Show Ad Week Political posters are all the same showcasing stars, stripes and large names. These posters are just clutter in the everyday hustle and bustle. We needed something that would attract attention and push people to make a decision on whether the project was positive or negative.

Mavericks Surf Competition

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Brand Relaunch Mavericks Surf Ventures was gearing up for the upcoming competition season and also launching a clothing brand. While all the other surf spots are beautiful, warm and tropical; Mavericks is cold, dark and unforgiving. Half Moon Bay is this amazing little place just south of San Francisco. It has a grit to it that was interwoven

Mavericks Live Tour

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On Tour With Matisyahu Mavericks Surf Competition is more than just surf, it is also deeply rooted in music. Every year Mavericks goes on tour and 2009 featured Matisyahu as the headliner. We wanted to develop creative that blended the surf world and his vibe seamlessly.  

ASU Women’s Rugby

This is where my passion lies. I was on the Arizona State University Women’s Rugby Football Club while I completed my Bachelor’s Degree at ASU. While on the team I learned so much about myself, teamwork, dedication and determination. After graduating, I wanted to give back to the team. I wanted to help recruit other