Days of Creativity

Days of Creativity

The Wreath Project: February

So I have this challenge for myself that I started in January where I make a new wreath for my front door every month. I finally finished my February one, and here it is.

There are these boys that live down the hall from me who add their own flair to my wreaths. . .I kind of love it. 

For those of you who missed my January one, here it is. Just so you don’t think I’m a complete hack.

I have also finished the March one, which I can NOT wait until March comes, because I like that wreath a lot more. Plus March is my birthday month and who doesn’t like their birthday?!

Any suggestions for April? My mother told me if I put Easter eggs all over it she might disown me. (We are a very sarcastic family.)

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Boxer Luv Logo Project

Ok so my weekend project is done, really simple but I wanted to keep it a bit classy. Something that would allow for the non-profit to possibly sell items to help raise money for the many boxers in need.

This is their current logo.

click on the image to make a donation!
This is what I propose.
For a text version:
For a visual version:
I started to think about my boxer Leroy and all the joy he brings to my life . . . then he farted. Which led me to make this proposal. 
Any of you who have a boxer know what I am talking about . . . don’t try to deny it. One of my favorite things about the Boxer is their tail. I give it up to my vet Dr. Campbell at the Animal Medical and Surgical Center in Scottsdale, AZ for coining the term “The Boxer Boogie”, it’s when the dog gets so excited he can’t control his tail or rear end. I love it. 
There are a lot of ideas this non-profit could do as far as marketing or fundraising. If you are interested in hearing them, let me know . . . you don’t think I just give away ideas do you?
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Colletti Photography

Ok so, this is starting to become a hobby of mine, I make projects out of things I see from my friends on facebook. After a facebook posting party about how many words should be in tag lines and photographers logos, I decided to just make one. Again, these projects are just for fun. Not for professional use, as these projects don’t go through a refinement process.

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This is what happens when ADs get bored.

So being an art director, I think that you are automatically diagnosed with A.D.D. I sat down tonight to work on my website and I end up with a 10 second short promoting a friend’s blog.

I get these sporatic sparks of ideas and I just want to make them, sometimes they happen . . . sometimes they don’t.

While working at Y&R San Francisco our floor was being renovated, so we moved up to the 9th floor for a bit. Susan Lee our part HR/part Bartender had us pull numbers from a hat and that decided where we sat. Across from me was Kerry Ko and Toby McKinnon, and this possibly, was the most entertaining part of the ninth floor. They would get in some of the best arguments and sometimes I played translator because Toby is Australian and sometimes people just stare at him because we have NO CLUE what he is saying.

Anyway, one time they started talking about each other’s outfits and I can’t really remember all of it, but come to find out Kerry takes a picture of her outfit everyday and blogs about it. So I thought it would be interesting to roll through some of her outfits really fast . . . yes I understand it’s not the most original thing in the world. But it was fun to make. Also, notice how Kerry stands the same way everyday and her facial expression is almost identical the entire way through.

Days of Creativity

VOTE: Phoenix Design Week 09 Poster

So I entered a contest in my free time. Yes I know I am crazy for doing more work when I’m not at work . . . WOO! Anyway click on the poster above to VOTE for my poster much appreciated.

The poster celebrates the Phoenix Bird as it dies and is reborn from the ashes, very similar to the generations of designers. One set goes out and then another comes in all further paving the road than those before him. That is the reasoning for the copy “To those who came before: thank you. To those who will come after: good luck.”


Days of Creativity


Some days I wonder if I will ever hear a client utter the words, “Make the logo smaller.” Most likely not because every client wants to showcase the investment they have made in color selection and imagery as big as possible.

I understand their intentions though do they really believe that pushing the logos to 8.5 x 11 status will make a consumer be more loyal or more persuaded to buy? I think not. I believe that consumers learn to trust a well crafted logo that is perfectly sized and perfectly placed with a great quality product.

So staying with today’s theme, I have made the logo bigger in hopes that companies will realize their evil ways and finally ask, “Can you make the logo smaller?”

Days of Creativity

When an Orange loves and Orange.

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So we bought these google eyes and they have been sitting in my desk for . . . 3 weeks now. Today is the day we utilize their potential and tell you the story of Herbert and Henrietta . . .

The story will be narrated by Krystha while . . .

. . . the story will be visually narrated by Me

So the story begins. . .

There once was a boy named Herbert . . .

Herbert loved to eat things . . .
But one day he found a nice little orange named Henrietta . . .

They loved to be kist by the sun as they peered out over the city. . .

They also loved to kiss . . .

But one day . . . Henrietta was picked to be sacrificed by the humans. . .

Herbert was shocked . . .
Herbert and Henrietta spent her final moments together before she was juiced.

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Sing your heart out.

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You’re sitting at your desk . . . and this crazy euphoria takes over your mind and body telling you to bust out in song right there in front of all of your co-workers and boss. 
Well now you can. Sound great on what we like to call the Stap-la-la-phone. It looks like an ordinary stapler, but in fact it has a wireless connection to all the speakers around the office and tone deaf recognition. So go ahead. Sing to your hearts content. 
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If you’re looking for a hook-up after looking at those signs from the walk to work . . . Dial 1-800-Swingline . . . the stapler that creates

-somes, you decide how many.