Happy 60th Birthday Dad!

OH. MY. GAWD. My father is 60!! Haha I can’t believe it. Though no matter his age, he will always be my hero.

To celebrate my Pops and his sixty years on this planet here are the ten things I love the most about him.

  1. He’s a family man. 
    My dad looks out for the family first. He makes sure we have everything we need and goes out of his way to make sure we are safe and covered.
  2. He’s a dog lover.
    We have always had dogs. From itty bitty dachshunds to mid sized boxers to gentle giant mastiffs. My dad plays with them, rough houses and always makes sure they have clean purified water in their bowls.
  3.  He’s Responsible.
    I’ve never seen someone decide to do something and see it through the way my dad does. He’s got superpower willpower. Sometimes it makes me jealous.
  4. He’s Encouraging.
    When I was going back and forth trying to decide whether or not to go to grad school. My dad told me I was going. People can take everything from you, but they can’t take your education. That next year, I moved to Austin.
  5. He’s a teacher.
    One Christmas, he took me to Toys R Us and said, “You can have any one thing in this store you want.” Remember, in the 90’s things were somewhat reasonably priced. He walked through the entire store with me, every single aisle, up and down maybe six or seven times until I finally made a decision and was good with it. This taught me to really think about what I wanted and then have the courage to stand by my decision.
  6. He’s creative.
    My dad helped me build a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car out of a cereal box in elementary school. It had wings and workable wheels.
  7. He’s a funny guy.
    My dad and I have the same sense of humor, sometimes at the expense of my mother. He has taught me that laughter is so important and to not take things so seriously.
  8. He’s into health and fitness.
    My dad quit smoking and drinking cold turkey when I was younger. My parents were the reason I never felt the need to do either of those things. He also started working out daily. He lost a lot of weight and constantly encourages leading a healthy lifestyle.
  9. He’s a romantic.
    My mama is a lucky lady. My dad isn’t really the romantic type, but he does little things for my mama that makes her feel special and loved. I love seeing them still so happy and in love after so many years.
  10. He’s a good man.
    Let’s be honest, my dad is just a fucking awesome guy. No one can ever fill his shoes, nor would I want them too.

That’s definitely not all the great things about my dad but definitely a great list. I know his day is going to be filled with love and laughter. Here’s to another 60!


Happy 59th Dad!

Sunday was my pop’s birthday and this is the last year of his fifties. I am really proud to have him as my dad. He was really hard on me as a kid . . . who am I kidding, he’s still really hard on me. Though that comes from his desire for me to be happy, healthy and successful. 
Some of my favorite memories of my dad include a third grade project where he helped me build the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car out of a cereal box. This cereal box had custom cut wheels out of wood and dimensional wings. It was so cool to be out in the garage with my dad using power tools. 
One Christmas my dad took me to Toys’R’Us and said, “You can have any one thing in the store.” This was a big deal to me. One thing only, I had to be strategic and get the most bang for my buck. My father instilled this into me early. I don’t think my dad understood how serious I was going to take this. We walked through that store from one side to the other, down every aisle, looking at every toy. Finally on the fourth pass, I decided to get this 4ft. tall teddy bear that cost $60. I think my dad was relieved I finally had chosen something, though he asked me three times if this is what I wanted.
Another memory I have of my dad is driving to pick up a our first Mastiff. I’m sitting shotgun and trying to navigate, keep in mind I was 14. I definitely got us lost and we ended up at the Salton Sea. This was about an hour out of the way. Whoops! When we got to the breeder’s home, there was this giant dog that came to greet us. When I say giant I mean his head was about 4.5 feet high and he weighed about 300 pounds. My dad looked at me and said, “Are you sure you want to do this?” Of course, if you know me I got a big grin on my face and just shook my head yes. We took home one of the best dogs we’ve ever had that day. 
Happy birthday Dad! I love you and appreciate everything you’ve done for me in my 30 years. 
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Weekend Recap: Birthday Shenanigans

Yes, I turned 30 this year. Whee!! But Saturday was pretty fucking awesome.

The day started out with sleeping in. Then breakfast with my favorite pup Leroy, followed by lounging on the couch and taking a nap.

That was the first half of the day.

The second half got a bit more interesting. First event on the list, the 2014 ASU Women’s Rugby Alumni Game. This happens once every two years and is something you never want to miss. Aime plans it and does a ridiculous job. She feeds us, provides alcoholic beverages and gets everyone in line. The alumni won again, of course. We are undefeated.

After the game, I went to meet up with three of my work lovelies. We had dinner at The Dhaba, it’s real punjabi food and simply amazing. We had this like three course meal of salad, tandoori chicken and mango rice pudding. There was enough food for three meals.

Ana drew Leroy for me!! 

Food in our bellies, we moved on to the movie theatre, where we saw Mr. Peabody and Sherman. It was really cute and funny.

That simply was a great birthday. Here’s to my thirties.


Dirty 30

I made it to 30! Sometimes I didn’t think I would make it, but here I am. Birthdays are always a bigger time of year where I do more reflecting than New Years. It’s a time that I think about all my accomplishments, failures and future goals.

Last year I had made a goal that I didn’t even come close to meeting. I had too many things that I made a priority over that goal. This year, that will not happen. This goal will be accomplished.

What is the goal you ask? It’s to take care of my health. It’s to make time for me to give my body the nutrients and exercise it deserves. It’s as simple as that.

I sit in a chair for 8-15 hours a day. Don’t get me wrong I love my job. I love working in advertising and coming up with cool shit to influence society, but if I don’t take care of myself, I won’t be able to continue doing that.

So here’s to the next 365 days of shifting priorities and making myself better.

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July Birthday Get Together

We used to do this thing in the office where a mysterious folder would float around to everyone’s desk . . . it’s your birthday card. You know it, I know it . . . everyone knows it. So the Funzie Committee changed it up and came up with some games to play to celebrate birthdays in the office. Definitely worth the 20 minute break. Thanks guys and Happppy Birrrtthday July babies.

This is Billy getting all set-up for the demonstration! 

 We love each other here!

 These two will always surprise you!

Photo bombed by AJ!

Everyone dig in!

Birthdays, Leroy

Leroy’s 3rd Birthday!

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Planning Leroy’s parties are never easy. With as much as we work it’s difficult to get everything accomplished. Thus why I started planning in December. This past year has been filled with curiosity. Leroy gets into everything and isn’t scared of a lot anymore. This made it really obvious that his theme should be Curious George.

I started with a couple plush Curious George toys and then got some vintage lunch pails etc. Then I started scouring Pinterest to see if I could find some good things to add. I ended up finding a number wrapped in yarn (which is a lot more time consuming than it looks), some banana split bites, mini pom poms made on a fork and a fancy way to fold a napkin. A few of these will be featured in She Crafts on Tuesday.

Below are some photos of the party! Hope you enjoy!

Next are some tight details of the presentation table: 

There were goodie bags too! 

Some of the guests:

And . . . he’s out!