Agency Life

Grandpa’s Birthday!

Today is my grandfather’s 84th birthday. Time to Celebrate!

I’ve grown up with my grandfather always being there my entire life. When I was little, he used to take me to see the horses and we always had a fresh bag of apples or carrots.

When I turned 15, he started teaching me to drive in this boat like Cadillac that didn’t have the best power steering. After my parents graciously got me a truck for my 16th birthday, my grandpa always helped me check the oil and make sure the other fluids were right where they were supposed to be.

As I became an adult, I love listening to all the things that happened as they were growing up.

My grandfather was an incredibly successful in real estate and met President Eisenhower. I will put the image in here a little later. He’s a really smart businessman and was ahead of his time in many ways.

Happy Birthday Gramps! I love you so much!