NSAC 2015: Phoenix, AZ

This past weekend I was privileged to volunteer with the National Student Association Competition. Five schools from around the AAF District 12 came to compete. They presented a pitch to Pizza Hut based on a creative brief they received last year.

The night before the presentation, R&R Partners hosted all the students at their brand new warehouse and fed them delicious Pita Jungle and drinks. Our Membership Director, Mo, Creative Director, Ana, and Treasurer, Brent, organized this event and did a fantastic job!

Saturday, I had amazing volunteers come and hang out with me during the day. We ran the stop watches, held doors and shushed people in the hallways. Probably the easiest volunteer gig ever. Though I got to meet some awesome people I want to stay in contact with and get them involved in Ad2.

Ad2 was also in charge of getting goodie bags for the judges. I didn’t know what types of snacks they would like so we just did a big variety. Then, to add to the food madness, we took them to the Arrogant Butcher for lunch! Chicken Club, Mmm Delish!


The last team to present was University of Texas at El Paso. Being a Longhorn, I really wanted to see their presentation. I was transported back to my grad school creative and strategy classes. Something I think I’ve been missing the last couple years.

After the competition, we hung out with the judges and grabbed a drink. I met a judge who was in Ad2, and is now a VP at a global agency in San Francisco. I’m so happy she was there, I felt like I learned a year’s worth of things in a few hour span.

It has really inspired motivated me again.

Thank you to everyone who helped out and to the students for working so incredibly hard over the last year. Also, congrats to BYU-Provo who won!


The industry is in good hands. See you in Salt Lake City next year!