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Farrell Takes the Field

So one day Will Ferrell decides to get up, fly to Arizona and  . . . you know . . . play in five different spring training games and cover all nine positions. Good for me, I just happen to work at Peoria Sports Complex, the last stop on Will Ferrell’s last stop on this crazy tour.

It was a crazy two days trying to get tickets as we requested them from the AE and were all set up to get them. Then our tickets were given to someone else. We then got press passes, those were taken from us. Then finally, we got a set of tickets I put in a hiding place and was going to tell people I had no clue where they went if they tried taking them from us.

We were determined to go to this game.

As we are sitting there all of a sudden people are freaking out, by the time I figure out what is going on Will Ferrell is standing right next to us. Our mouths were on the ground, out of all the aisles he could have gone down, it was ours. He waved as he continued down to the field.

By the time he got to our game, you could tell he was tired, he didn’t do any crazy antics he did at the earlier games. Though, we got the closing speech which was fantastic. I know that he was taping a special and it has to do something with a cancer charity. I can’t wait to see the end result.