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Super Bowl 2015

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The Super Bowl is just a big of deal for ad creatives as it is for football players. It’s our time to shine. It’s the one time of year that people look forward to the commercials and have an incredibly high standard for the creative.

This year I was so excited when our client said, “Wanna get some Super Bowl Commercials?” Umm, duh.

We purchased the last spot before the game, three five second spots during the game and the first spot after the game. Stoked, is probably the best word to describe the emotion running through my body.

There were mandatories and strategy developed with the client then, we spent the following weeks working on concepts and scripts. Once finalized, we moved on to illustration and animation. I illustrated the scenes and Eric Lassen animated them. It took 34 hours to do all the spots.

At the end of the day I’m really excited about these spots. Check them out below:

Pre-Game :30 Spot

Half & Half :05 Spot

Fizz :05 Spot

Teagee’s :05 Spot

Post-Game :30 Spot