2012 Facebook Image Sizes

I hate searching for all the different dimensions of images that Facebook has going. You would think with as much as I work on Facebook, I would have them memorized by now . . . not so much when they are constantly changing. Solution? Make a cheat sheet.

All measurements are shown: Width by Height

Cover Photo 
851px by 315px 
Profile Image 
160px by 160px (Scaled to 32 x 32px)
Uploaded Photos 
2048px by 2048px 
Displayed Photos 
960px by 720px 
Milestone Picture 
843px by 403px
Link Thumbnail 
90px by 90px 
Pinned Post 
403px by 403px 
Application Favicon 
16px by 16px 
Application Icon 
110px by 74px (Size 5mb max)