Real Life

A have found a new interest.

My birthday is coming up soon since my new interest is paddle boarding, I’ve been looking at boards. I found one by Holua, it’s great and has that grandpa faux wood paneling in the Caddy look to it. I’ve also found another brand I like it’s Three Bros. out of Florida.

The thing I loooove about paddle boarding is you can do it ANY where. Whether you are landlocked in the mid-west rocking the lakes or on a coast hanging on some waves, you can get on a paddle board and enjoy the day. I first saw paddle boards in Hawai’i when I was there almost 10 years ago, so yes I’m a little late to the game, but sometimes that happens.

I just found a living social deal today for a $49 2-hour session. I am pretty stoked. Check out the deal at If you are interested in going with me, let me know.